Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Greatest Rarities Archive '56-'57

Paul Robeson - Greatest Rarities Archive '56-'57 is now avalable on iTunes. To find out more about these rare tracks and their history check out our blog post here

Tracklist includes:

1.   The Four Rivers
2.   Hassidic Chant
3.   The Minstrel Boy
4.   Jerusalem
5.   The House I Live In
6.   Song of the Warsaw Ghetto
7.   There’s a Man Going ‘Round Taking Names
8.   Sleep Baby
9.   Witness
10. Night
11. Passing By
12. Welcoming speech by President of South Wales Miners (from ’Transatlantic Exchange’, 1957)
13. Reply to welcoming speech by Paul Robeson (from ’Transatlantic Exchange’, 1957)
14. Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel (from ’Transatlantic Exchange’, 1957)
15. All Through the Night (from ’Transatlantic Exchange’, 1957)
16. This Little Night of Mine (from ’Transatlantic Exchange’, 1957)
17. All Men Are Brothers (from ’Transatlantic Exchange’, 1957)
18. Schubert’s Lullaby (from ’Transatlantic Exchange’, 1957)
19. Y Delyn Aur (The Golden Harp) (from ’Transatlantic Exchange’, 1957)
20. (a) Land of my Fathers (excerpt) (from ’Transatlantic Exchange’, 1957) (b) We’ll Keep a Welcome in the Hillside (from ’Transatlantic Exchange’, 1957)

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